Control All of Your Electronics From a Single Device

Call Nerical for home automation in Frederick, MD

Wouldn’t it be nice to integrate all of the different electronics and systems in your home? With home automation from Nerical LLC, you finally can. We specialize in home automation system integration in Frederick, Maryland and can provide custom services for homeowners throughout the area. With smart home automation, you can easily control:

• Indoor and outdoor audio and video equipment
• Thermostat/climate of areas in the home
• Indoor and outdoor lighting
• Alarm systems
• Irrigation systems

Didn’t turn off the thermostat before leaving? No problem. Need to turn off an upstairs light from downstairs? Easy. With home automation, you can control your home from anywhere around the house or around the globe. The entire menu (which can be viewable from any smart phone or tablet) is easy to navigate – making everything easy for any family member.

Home automation has a long list of energy saving benefits. Make the switch today and start saving money every day. Chat with our Frederick technicians about your automated home system today.